I already have a Magento site up and running, can I use the Express Magento Installation service to have a new theme installed on my existing website?

No - if you already have a Magento website which has content that you want to keep, then our Express Magento Installation service is probably not right for you.

This service is designed for setting up brand new websites and getting them ready for you to start adding content. Modifying existing content to make sure that it works with a new theme is beyond the scope of this service.

Don't worry though - if you need help setting up a new theme on your existing website, you'll find a talented service provider in our Magento category who can help you.

Please note that if you do decide to order the Express Magento Installation service to be carried out on your existing site, your existing content may be lost or reformatted. Make sure to back up all of your content first if you do decide to do this.