Why was my job closed automatically?

There are two scenarios where a job may close automatically on Envato Studio.

The first scenario uses our 5 day auto-close feature. Jobs are automatically marked as approved if there are more than five days of inactivity on a job timeline after files have been posted. Each time you post a message to the job timeline the counter resets and begins to count down again. This timer is in place to ensure that buyers and providers maintain ongoing communication- to reset the timer again, just post another message to the timeline.

The second scenario is for those jobs still open, with no updates, for 60 days or more. On a regular basis, the Envato Studio Ops team looks over those jobs that are still open, but have no activity for 60 days or more and makes a judgement on whether to let the work continue, cancel and refund the buyer or close the job and pay the provider. The job will remain active for a further seven days, in which time the buyer or provider may request the job to be reopened or dispute/mutually cancel the job. After the seven days, the job is considered complete and the provider will be paid. Both the buyer and provider will be notified should this decision be made.