Can a review be removed/edited on Envato Studio?

We have strict guidelines around scenarios where we will and where we won’t remove reviews on Envato Studio.

Please see the table below that covers the scenarios that may arise where you may wish to remove a review. While these guidelines are in place, we do handle each review removal request on a case by case basis.

Issue Example Actions
Derogatory or inflammatory comments A review is left that contains the use of derogatory, racist, profanities or other such offensive comments/words that go against our values. Review will be removed or edited to remove offensive material.
Factual inaccuracies When a buyer has left a review that is not factually correct of what took place on the job timeline. The second review may be negative, it just needs to contain accurate feedback. Review will be removed.
Review submitter wishes to have review removed A review has been given but the submitter has indicated a mistake in the copy or the recommendation given and would like to leave a new review or just update the copy/recommendation. Review will be removed or updated if correct copy given by submitter.
Mutual Cancellation after factually accurate review left Buyer has left a negative review that is factually correct as to what took place within the job timeline. After the review has been left, the buyer and provider have come to an agreement to cancel the job completely. There is then a request for removal of the review. As the review was legitimate and left after approval, the review will not be removed.
Factually correct negative review is left. A factually correct negative review is left based on the buyers experience. Review will not be removed.

Please note, that these guidelines are a work in progress and are subject to change at any time.