Can I leave a review of my experience with a service on Envato Studio?

Yes! All buyers get the chance to rate a service when their job is finalized. They will receive an email upon closure of the job (usually 7 days following the date it was marked as completed) asking them to share their experience with the service.

Buyers can choose to recommend a service (thumbs up) or not recommend a service (thumbs down). They also can write an honest, factually correct, account of their experience within the job as part of this review. 

Their recommendation and story will then be displayed on the provider's service page. Others will use the rating to help them make an informed decision about which service will suit their needs. Likewise, service providers use feedback to know how they're doing!

Once a buyer has left a review, the provider of the job is then able to leave a response to this review.

What do I do if I leave a wrong review by Mistake?

If you accidentally select the wrong review recommendation (negative instead of positive, or vice versa) or submit the review before you had entirely finished writing, simply contact the Envato Studio team to help you out.

When contacting us, please be clear about the job ID, the issue, and what outcome you would like to see. If the review simply needs a copy update, please include this new copy. If the review just needs to have the recommendation changed, please tell us this also.

Can I leave a review if I have cancelled or had my job refunded?

At this time, you can only leave reviews for jobs that have been finalized

What do I do if my provider didn't like my review?

Reviews are meant to be a fair reflection of your experience of this job. Studio has strict criteria for when a review can be removed or edited. If your provider is not happy with your review and would like it revised they need to contact Studio. Please let Studio know if your provider contacts you directly to change your review - make sure you send us screenshots if possible of what they are asking for. 

Please keep in mind that if your provider can ask us to take a look at the review that buyers leave and if they do not fit within the review criteria they can be removed.