How is my work as a service provider licensed to a buyer?

As a part of the Services Agreement (the legal agreement made between the service provider and buyer), service providers promise that:

  • They either own, or have an appropriate license to use, all the materials that they use to provide the services.
  • They will, and can, give the buyer a worldwide, non-exclusive and perpetual license to use any materials that are the service providers pre-existing work (such as a reusable .psd template a service provider uses to deliver a service).
  • They will, and can, assign to the buyer all worldwide intellectual property rights to any materials that they create materials which are designed solely and specifically to meet that buyer’s needs.
  • Where a service provider delivers materials which are not licensed in a way already described, such as open-source or creative commons based content, the Service Provider must only deliver these with the consent of the buyer and after providing a copy of the appropriate license.

As part of the Services Agreement, buyers provide service providers with a license to use any materials delivered as part of the brief for the purposes of providing the service to them. This information is demonstrative only and not intended to replace our full licensing documentation.