Why did I receive a credit note rather than a tax invoice?

Typically, the accounting for Envato Studio jobs is pretty simple. You set the price for your service, the buyer pays 100%, Envato Studio charges a 30% platform fee, and you receive 70%. When you complete a job we send an invoice for the 30% platform fee, which is automatically deducted when we credit your account. Easy.

Some jobs are purchased with a coupon code that applies a discount to the amount paid by the buyer. Don't worry, this doesn't impact the amount you will receive, although the accounting is now slightly different. In cases where the discount is greater than the 30% platform fee, Envato Studio makes up the difference between the amount paid by the buyer and the amount you need to receive (ie: 70% of your service price). In such instances you will receive a credit note for this amount, rather than an invoice. Again, the bottom line is that you will still receive 70% of the service price that you set.