Can I set certain times when I'm available to receive Express orders?

You sure can! If you head to the Manage Your Work Hours page, you can tell us when you're available to work on Express orders.

You should set only the hours during which you're actually available to work. We'll do our best to assign jobs to you during these hours, or just before you're available (so that jobs will be already waiting in your inbox when you're ready to start work).

This means that buyers will get their projects completed faster, and you don't have to worry about your jobs being reassigned because you weren't able to reply within 12 hours.


What happens if I don't set any hours?

If you don't have any work hours set, you'll have a very low chance of receiving any Express orders because we'll assume that you're never available. Make sure to set your hours!


Will my timezone be shown on my public profile?

Nope! The timezone you choose on the Manage Your Work Hours page won't be displayed publicly anywhere.


Can I apply these work hours to my regular Envato Studio services?

Currently, no. These settings only apply to Express Services.


Do I need to pause my Express Services when I'm not available?

If you're going to be away or unavailable for a while then yes, you should pause your services.


Can I change my work hours whenever I need to?

Yes! We check your work hours in real time whenever a new order is placed, so you can change your settings at any time.


Does this mean I'll never get assigned a job outside of my set work hours?

Not necessarily! You might get jobs assigned to you outside of your regular hours if nobody else is available at the time. We'll always do our best to assign jobs to you during your work hours though.