How do I turn my Express job into a Custom Job for further Customisations?

Express services are a great way to start a project, sometimes they will be all you need and other times you will discover that your project might need a bit more work than what the express service scope covers. Your service provider will let you know if any work you are requesting exceeds the scope of your service. 

If this happens, we are more than happy to help you with the additional needs of your project. 

Your service provider can create a new job proposal for you based on any further work you need done. Or you can ask for the additional work by clicking on the ‘propose custom job’ link at the top of the job timeline. 

We encourage you to create a clear brief of your project needs and expectations so that you and your service provider can move your project forward. 

If you have any questions about scope or how to create a new custom job please reach out to the Studio Support team

Some things to keep in mind: 

  • Envato Market and Studio are both under the Envato umbrella but sadly we don’t yet have a direct way of uploading files from Market onto Studio.  You will need to download the files from Market and then upload them to your Studio job.
  • Market Authors and Service Providers: Our services providers are not the author of the item that you purchased on Envato Market. They are highly skilled in the service that they offer, but the expert on the item is the author. There may be times when your service provider needs some extra information from the author to complete the service.