The different ways you can purchase a service on Studio

There are 3 different ways that you can go about purchasing a service on Studio. 

Express Job: Express Jobs are intended as a quick installation and do not include customizations.  The scope of Express jobs are determined by Studio.  They can be purchased directly from your Market download page. You can see what is covered in each Express service on our FAQ page. 

Service Categories: Studio is a marketplace of freelancer services. If the express job offered on the Market download page does not suit your needs, we encourage you to browse through the different Service categories to find a provider that will match your needs.

Custom Job: Sometimes you just need a little extra work to suit your needs. Our providers are able to create custom proposals for your projects. Reach out to your preferred provider via an enquiry. 

If you have any questions about Studio - please reach out to us. The Studio Support team is happy to help.