Express Services Good Habits

For installation work: Make planning for those “installation hiccups” part of your working best practices. Our recommendations for best practices are:

  • Take backups of work. Take backups of any content you will be overriding.
  • Ask what demo the buyer would like installed.
  • Check for pre-existing content and confirm whether the buyer is okay with it being removed.
  • Confirm where the buyer wants installation - URL, staging site, hosting, etc. If you ever have any doubts or questions ask the buyer before you make any changes. 
  • If your buyer’s brief includes requests not covered in the scope make sure you discuss what can be done under the scope of the service and confirm if they want to proceed before completing the installation. You can always recommend a custom job as a better fit for their brief.

For other services: 

  • Don’t forget that this is an express service and meant to have a quick turnaround time (24 hours). 
  • Make sure you know what is and isn’t covered by the scope of the service. 
  • Communicate clearly and professionally when the scope of the job has been met. If more work is needed to meet the buyer’s vision, let them know that anything beyond the scope is considered an additional job. 
  • Don’t forget to attach the final files once the work is completed. Jobs should not be approved if there are no final files.