Explaining scope to buyers

The scope of the express services is determined by Studio. If you ever need to explain to a buyer what is included in an express service please refer them here. Express services are intended to be quick jobs and may sometimes not include everything the buyer wants done- you can always advise them that in order to complete their project vision they will need to purchase additional services to expand on the scope of the job. 

If you buyer has any questions about scope that you cannot answer, please refer them to Studio Support and we can answer for you. 

How to add to scope of an express job

We know you are always willing to help your buyers out. If during the course of an installation the buyer requires additional work to be done you can add to the scope of the project by opening a new custom job. 

To create a new custom job from the existing job have your buyer click on the “Create custom job” link at the top of the job timeline. Alternatively, you can send them a new proposal for the additional work. 

Make sure you include a new brief in the new job that clearly outlines the new work that is being purchased.