I want a refund - how to raise a cancellation

No matter what you try, sometimes a job just doesn’t go as planned and perhaps it is best to mutually agree to cancel the job. The information below answers the questions you may have about the refund and dispute process so that positive resolution can be reached by both buyer and provider.

Reasons for cancelling a job after it has started may include unresponsiveness, work overload, scope creeping, offline concerns, sickness or even holidays.

The cancellation request process is the first step to getting a refund on Studio. 

To raise a cancellation navigate to the 'Need Help?' tab on the job timeline.


Then click on the link under the 'Raise a Dispute' heading and complete the 'Cancellation request' form.


Scroll all the way to the bottom give a reason for requesting the cancellation & click on “Request Job Cancellation” button


Please keep in mind that as a buyer on Envato Studio, if a job is disputed and subsequently canceled, the buyer will be refunded and anything created (creative/code etc) within the job timeline to date is owned by the freelancer and can not be used. If you and the provider cannot reach an agreement on the cancellation, you do have the option to dispute this decision via Envato Studio’s support team.

Please see the following article for details on raising a dispute.