I need to raise a dispute

A dispute should be considered a last resort, after other methods of communication have been exhausted. It should be used when you and your provider have been unable to reach a mutual cancellation and you wish for Envato to mediate. Studio support will always try to first find a resolution that will get the job back on track so that it can be completed. 

When disputing a job, you will be required to provide information as to why the job has been disputed. To assist our team in handling your dispute as quickly as possible, please ensure you are very specific and clear as to what the issues are, what you have discussed in regards to the job timeline already and what solution you would like to see come out of this dispute.

Once a dispute is submitted, the non-submitting party will be notified and is able to respond on the job timeline. They can also request that you reopen the job, which if agreed upon, would cancel out the dispute.

Our team will handle your request ASAP and your patience and understanding during this time is appreciated.

The Dispute Resolution Process can be entered into at any stage by a buyer or service provider up to and including 7 days following the completion of the job, as indicated by both parties. This can be done by navigating to the 'Need Help?' tab on the job timeline.


Then click on the link under the 'Raise a Dispute' heading and complete the 'Cancellation request' form.


You can read more about how disputes work via the link below: 

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Common reason for raising a dispute for buyers:

    • I have no revisions left and am still not satisfied.
    • The Service Provider is not meeting the promised turnaround time.
    • The Service Provider is not delivering my allotted revisions.
    • The job is complete, but I haven't received deliverables.

Common reasons for Raising a dispute for providers

    • The buyer has been unfairly increasing the scope of the job.
    • The buyer is unpleasant to work with.
    • The buyer is making unreasonable requests.
    • The buyer is being unresponsive.
    • The buyer is requesting more than the maximum number of revisions for the job.
    • The buyer is taking too long to review the work I submitted.
    • The buyer is unreasonably refusing to accept the work I submitted.

Please be aware that disagreeing with a negative review left by a buyer is not a reason to dispute a job. If you disagree with a review please send a support ticket to Studio Support.